20+ Homeschool Science Resources Your Homeschool NEEDS You to Investigate - The Homeschool Breakroom (2023)

Looking for new homeschool science resources & not sure where to begin? Check out this list of curriculum, supplements, and more!

In the olden days of homeschooling, you had a few science curriculum options & supplies came from RadioShack, the local hobby shop, etc.

But as with everything in the homeschool & internet world, today’s world looks nothing like the world of even a decade ago. Now, there are more homeschool science curricula than you could ever try. And it would take you years to shop at all the online science websites.

But finding a starting point can be hard when you’re looking for new curriculum; science shows & YouTube channels, or shopping for your homeschool science supplies.

I’ve done the hard work of sorting through the muck to find a list to get you started.

Homeschool Science Curriculums

Curriculums or curricula — which one do you use? I can never decide. Whichever camp you’re in, there are some fantastic science programs (see what I did there?) for your homeschool.

NOTE: I opted not to include all-in-one/boxed programs if you can’t buy the science separately. You’re here for science ideas, not to switch up your entire homeschool.

And one more thing. This list is by no means complete. There are just too many options out there. Instead, I hope to introduce you to companies you may not know and show you various styles. Use this as a springboard to find the best program for your homeschool.

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Elementary Science

If you’re looking for a classical approach to science, Elemental Science offers programs for all grade levels. They also offer Science Chunks (mini-units) and unit studies.

If you’d like a more traditional (but still engaging!) approach while still keeping the cyclical approach of one area a year, R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press has been a hit in our homeschool this year.

(A few reviews: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry)

If a living book style is right for your family, check out BookShark Science (read a review by my friend at Hope in the Chaos). Bookshark is the same company as Sonlight but without religious books. There are other content differences, but the style and layouts are similar.

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Curriculum for Middle & High School

Chemistry by A.C.S.

The American Chemical Society offers a complete (but abbreviated) 12-week chemistry program for middle school that’s FREE. While it’s designed for a public school, they are adaptable as a homeschool science program.

I don’t know about you, but high school chemistry was a LOT of years ago, so I appreciate that they include background info for teachers. Activities are well described, the materials list is organized by activity, and unit tests are included.

They also offer other chemistry resources, including activities, videos, a chemistry magazine for students, etc…

R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey

The higher levels of R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press offer the same approach as the lower levels — an engaging textbook + labs, rigorous content, and a thorough teacher’s guide.

(My astronomy review is for their middle/high school level.)

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C.P.O. Physical sciences

If you can get your hands on C.P.O. Science for physical sciences, they are fantastic. As they are a school textbook, they can be hard to find & the labs are designed for a full lab. Despite those negatives, they are one of my favorite science books. There are several levels of textbooks — middle & high school. The format of the books is easy to navigate, especially if your kiddo hasn’t used a traditional textbook.

(You can add your own labs from someplace like Home Science Tools or a lab class from Well-Trained Mind Academy.)

oak meadow

With a Waldorf influence, Oak Meadow stands out in the sea of curriculum choices. They utilize novels, non-fiction, hands-on learning, and a strong writing program across subjects. In addition to the regular studies, Oak Meadow also has forensic science & climate change curriculum for high school.


In the world of Christian science curriculum, it’s rare to find one that isn’t Young Earth. Novare Science (now owned by Classical Academic Press) takes a Biblical approach to Old Earth creation. It’s also a rigorous textbook, with fewer distracting images than many texts, and has optional labs and other resources.

Chemistry in the kitchen (guest hollow)

A chemistry course with a lab in the kitchen? And lab ‘experiments’ you eat? Non-textbooks? Practical knowledge? You’ll find all of that and more in Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen course for high school science.

If you have a college-bound student, you may want to add chemistry equation work to the course so that it will be a more robust course.

Read my full review here.

Science Units

Science units are small, topical studies that are especially perfect for the curiosity of elementary-aged kiddos.

(Video) Learning about Africa | Our Favorite Homeschool Resources

While it’s harder to create an organized, thorough year out of them for high school rigor, mini-units are a simple way to break up your high schooler’s science curriculum or add on to it for more depth or to nurture a favorite topic.

  • Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology (lessons, resources & ideas by grade level, K-12)
  • Learning about Science (various topics in four different levels for kiddos 5-13)
  • Generation Genius (online videos & lesson plans, K-6)
  • Ellen McHenry has a variety of programs, with an emphasis on chemistry products. They are engaging & flexible. I have a peek inside Botany in 8 Lessons so you can get an idea of how her products are set up. Text + worksheets + optional activities (elementary + middle school)
  • Integrate by BioLogos is where faith & rigorous science collide. (high school)
  • 4-H, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts are all great sources for science — no membership required!
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All the Fun Stuff! Science Tools, Games, and More

Gather at the Table

Science channels on YouTube

Science Documentaries on PBS

  • Mysteries of Sleep
  • The Elegant Universe
  • Beyond the Elements
  • The Universe Revealed
  • Forces of Nature
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I’m ready to shop. But where?

Home Science Tools

If you need it for science, Home Science Tools probably has it.

Hot Tip: During the month of March, you can get a $15 credit to H.S.T. by shopping through my link.

Rainbow Resource Center

Rainbow Resource is an “old guard” in the homeschool world. And their extensive website is a testament to how long they’ve cultivated homeschool resources. From homeschool science curriculum to science discovery toys and supplies, Rainbow Resource is a must-shop for our family.

Hot Tip: They recently redid their catalog to a very user-friendly format. Their summer & Christmas catalogs are a must, as well.
Hot Tip #2: Cheesy & all, but I love the little stickers they put on the outside of their boxes. They remind me of my days in elementary school.

Scientifics Direct

Scientifics Direct is THE toy story of science items. From little kids to adults, from toys to lab equipment and just about everything in between, this may be the only science supplier you ever need.

Quality Science Labs

Need a lab for your high school kiddo’s science credit? Q.S.L., while not a big name, has provided homeschool families with science equipment for over 15 years. While they are not tailored to specific curricula, they offer biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science kits that are adaptable to many homeschool science curricula.

(Video) Why do you even homeschool?? | Knowing Your Why = A Better Homeschool

HOT TIP: They offer refill kits, so you don’t have to purchase an entirely new kit when your next kiddo is in high school.

Lux Blox

Lux Blox: all the building fun of Legos but with curves & bendability that reflects the natural world. Designed by parents and tested by kids, Lux Blox are a great next step or alternative to other building blocks.


If your kiddo is an electronics lover, Adafruit should be your next stop. You’ll find all the components they need to play around with robots, Raspberry Pi, Circuit Playground, and more. They even have a section for educators.

If you need help choosing what to buy, check out their active discussion forums or reach out to their customer service.


Paper meets circuits at Chibitronics. Like Adafruit, they offer an educators section. But they take it a step further and include lesson plans, a getting-started guide, and more.

Hot Tip: Do you get money from an umbrella school or the state? They are an approved vender for many and are willing to become one if they aren’t already covered for you.

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20+ Homeschool Science Resources Your Homeschool NEEDS You to Investigate - The Homeschool Breakroom (5)20+ Homeschool Science Resources Your Homeschool NEEDS You to Investigate - The Homeschool Breakroom (6)

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