Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (2023)

Foo Fighters was established in 1997 and has had several different members since

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (1)

With 15 Grammys, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and hits songs like "Everlong," "Learn to Fly" and "All My Life," the Foo Fighters are one of the most popular rock bands around.

After the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, the band's drummer, Dave Grohl, formed Foo Fighters — first as a solo project and then with bandmates. The original lineup consisted of Grohl, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith. However, a few years later, the band's best-known lineup came to be: Grohl, Mendel, Chris Shifflet and Taylor Hawkins. Smear later rejoined the band in 2010, and Rami Jaffe joined in 2017.

Foo Fighters has been hugely successful, critically and with fans. Among their 15 Grammy Award wins are a record-setting five wins for best rock album. They won the award for 1999's There Is Nothing Left to Lose, 2002's One by One, 2007's Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, 2011's Wasting Light and 2021's Medicine at Midnight.

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021. This marked Grohl's second time being inducted, as he was previously honored as part of Nirvana in 2014. Also in 2021, Foo Fighters became the first-ever recipients of the U.S. Global Icon Award at the MTV Video Music Awards.

"Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for having us here tonight," Grohl said, accepting the award while surrounded by his bandmates. "It's quite an award to receive. We've been a band for 26 years, so it feels pretty good."

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Not long after celebrating these honors, Hawkins, the band's drummer since 1997, died on March 25, 2022. The group paid homage to him with a tribute concert in London that September.

They also shared a message about Hawkins on Dec. 31, 2022, and let fans know that they intended to continue on as a band.

"Without Taylor, we never would have become the band that we were–and without Taylor, we know that we're going to be a different band going forward," the message read. "We also know that you, the fans, meant as much to Taylor as he meant to you. And we know that when we see you again–and we will soon–he'll be there in spirit with all of us every night."

In May 2023, the band revealed their newest member, drummer Josh Freese. The group made the announcement during their Foo Fighters: Preparing Music For Concerts livestream.

Here's everything to know about each member of Foo Fighters, including their personal lives and other projects.

Dave Grohl, 54

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Dave Grohl was born David Eric Grohl in Warren, Ohio, on Jan. 14, 1969, but was raised in Virginia.

Grohl started in the band Scream before joining Nirvana as a drummer in 1990. Cobain and Krist Novoselic had previously worked with several other drummers, including on their debut album, Bleach, which did not feature Grohl.

Following Cobain's death in 1994, Grohl created Foo Fighters as a solo project and released the self-titled debut album in 1995. When the album proved successful, Grohl expanded Foo Fighters into a band. The band, where he serves as lead singer and guitarist, has now released 10 studio albums spanning 26 years.

In addition to Foo Fighters, Grohl has also worked with other artists, including in the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones.

Being a rock musician for so long has taken a toll on Grohl, especially because he said he doesn't like to use in-ear monitors during concerts. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2022, he described himself as " "f------ deaf" and said, "I've been reading lips for 20 years."

Outside of music, Grohl has made documentary films, including Sound City (2013) and Sonic Highways (2014). He released his memoir, The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music, in 2021. The book includes memories from his childhood, as well as from his career in music with Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

"There is a common thread that runs throughout everything that I do [and that's] storytelling," the musician said in a press release. "Whether in song, documentary film or on the page, I have always felt compelled to share moments from my life," he continued. "This inclination is a huge part of what excites me creatively but also as a human being."

Grohl has been married twice: to Jennifer Leigh Youngblood from 1994 to 1997, and to Jordyn Blum since 2003. Together, Grohl and Blum have three daughters: Violet, Harper and Ophelia.

Taylor Hawkins

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Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on Feb. 17, 1972, but grew up in Laguna Beach, California.

Prior to joining the Foo Fighters, Hawkins played for other bands and was a touring drummer for Alanis Morissette. He joined the Foo Fighters in 1997 after William Goldsmith left the group. The first album he was featured on was 1999's There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

"I got ahold of his number and I said, 'Hey, I heard you guys are out of a drummer right now,' " Hawkins told Entertainment Weekly of contacting Grohl about joining the band. "And Dave said, 'Yeah. Do you have any good recommendations?' And I was like, 'Well how about me you a------?' "

During his career with Foo Fighters, Hawkins also performed with other musicians, including the band Coheed and Cambria, and he started his own band called Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders.

In March 2022, Hawkins died at age 50. The band was in Bogotá, Colombia, for a concert when Hawkins complained of chest pains. An ambulance was sent to his hotel, but attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. Later, Colombian authorities shared that a "toxicology test on urine from Taylor Hawkins' body preliminarily found 10 types of substances, including: THC, tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids."

Foo Fighters and other musicians paid tribute to Hawkins at a concert in London in September 2022. "For those of you who knew him personally, you know that no one else could make you smile or laugh or dance or sing like he could," Grohl said at the show. "And for those of you that admired him from afar, I'm sure you've all felt the same thing."

At the concert, Hawkins' teenage son, Oliver Shane, played drums during the song "My Hero." In addition to Oliver, Hawkins and his wife since 2005, Alison Hawkins, had two other children: Annabelle and Everleigh.

Pat Smear, 63

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Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear was born Georg Albert Ruthenberg in Los Angeles on Aug. 5, 1959.

Prior to joining Foo Fighters, Smear was involved with two other bands. He was a founding member of the punk band the Germs in the 1970s. He went on to perform with Nirvana on tour. When Grohl morphed Foo Fighters from a solo project into a band, Smear was among the first members.

"Some time after Dave got Nate [Mendel] and William [Goldsmith] up in Seattle together he called me in L.A. and said 'Hey do you really want to do this thing?' I said 'Yeah!' " Smear told Entertainment Weekly. "And I remember driving to the airport and stopping at Black Market Music, which was this cool used musical-instrument store that was on the way. I bought an amp pad there and carried it on the plane and then showed up at rehearsal."

Smear was a member of Foo Fighters from 1995 to 1997. He rejoined the band on tour in 2005 and as a full-time member in 2010. He has also released solo music, including two studio albums: Ruthensmear in 1987, and So You Fell in Love with a Musician... in 1992.

Nate Mendel, 54

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Nate Mendel, the Foo Fighters' bass guitarist, was born in Richland, Washington, on Dec. 2, 1968.

Before he joined Foo Fighters, Mendel was a founding member of the indie rock band Sunny Day Real Estate, which came together in 1992. He released two albums with the band, 1994's Diary and 1995's Sunny Day Real Estate.

Drummer William Goldsmith was also a member of Sunny Day Real Estate, and in 1995, they both left their band to join Foo Fighters. Mendel told Entertainment Weekly that Sunny Day Real Estate was "in the process of disintegrating," so he contacted Grohl, with whom he had mutual friends, to see if Grohl would be interested in himself and Goldsmith joining his new band.

"I just called him out of the blue having met him a couple times, like, 'There's a rhythm section floating around and you may need one,' " Mendel said.

Mendel and Sunny Day Real Estate reunited a couple of times over the years, but he also stayed in Foo Fighters throughout. Other than Grohl, Mendel is the musician who has been with the band the longest. Mendel has produced solo music and developed side projects including his 2015 album If I Kill This Thing We're All Going to Eat for a Week released under the name Lieutenant.

Mendel married his wife, Kate Jackson, in 2014 and the couple have twins.

William Goldsmith, 50

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (7)

Drummer William Goldsmith was born on July 4, 1972, in Seattle, Washington.

Like Mendel, Goldsmith was a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate and left the group to join Foo Fighters in 1995. He also rejoined Sunny Day Real Estate a few times over the years when they reunited, but unlike Mendel, he is still a current member of the band.

Goldsmith's time with Foo Fighters was brief. He left the group in 1997 after being featured on the album The Colour and the Shape, which came out that year. In addition to continuing to perform with Sunny Day Real Estate, he's also been in other bands, including The Fire Theft — which was formed by Sunny Day Real Estate members — and his latest band, Assertion.

In a 2017 interview with the Daily Mail, he talked about his time with Foo Fighters and explained that he left after he found out that much of his drumming was re-recorded for The Colour and the Shape. Goldsmith felt this wasn't adequately communicated to him by Grohl or the producers.

"The next thing you know all of the work I had done was gone except for one or two of the tracks," the drummer said.

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"The way things were handled, and what was done to me, I do think that staying in that band would have made me feel like my soul was destroyed and I would have likely ended up dead," he continued, noting that he had turned to drugs and alcohol because of the pressure he was under.

He also shared that he didn't make music for attention or money. "The reason I started playing music was because it was a spiritual form of protest," he said.

The outlet reported that Goldsmith has three children. "The way I look at it now is if it hadn't have happened the records I made afterwards wouldn't have been made and I wouldn't have had the children I have," he said.

Franz Stahl, 60

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (8)

Guitarist Franz Kenneth Stahl was born in Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia, on Oct. 30, 1962.

Stahl was a founding member of the hardcore punk band Scream before he joined Foo Fighters. He and Grohl met when the latter joined Scream as a teenager.

After Scream broke up in 1990, Stahl played with other groups until 1997 when he joined Foo Fighters as Smear's replacement. He was touring with a musician in Japan when he found out about the chance to join the band from his brother and Scream bandmate Pete Stahl.

"I was in Tokyo when my brother called me and said, 'Hey, Dave might be calling you because I think they might need a guitar player,' " Stahl told The Washington Post in 2011. "So that same day, Dave called me at my hotel and asked me if I wanted to be in the Foo Fighters. Of course, you don't have to twist my arm. It was crazy."

He then flew to New York City, where he had one day of rehearsal before performing at Radio City Music Hall. "It was such an insane 48 hours," he said.

Stahl's time with the band was short-lived. According to NME, he was fired from the group. Grohl later said, "It just seemed like the three of us were moving in one direction and Franz wasn't."

Stahl told the Washington City Paper in 2012 that "it didn't end well" with Foo Fighters and that he didn't see Grohl for years. But, eventually, they both put it behind them and worked together when Stahl was recording an EP.

"To be honest, we haven't really talked about it. But at some point down the road we started texting each other and chatting," he said. "I'd certainly say we're on much better terms than we were before."

Scream reunited in 2010, and Stahl remains a member of the band today. He has also made music for movies, TV and commercials.

Stahl is a father and has shared photos of his daughter on Instagram.

Chris Shiflett, 52

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (9)

Christopher Aubrey Shiflett was born in Santa Barbara, California, on May 6, 1971.

The guitarist joined Foo Fighters in 1999 following the recording of their third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose. He went to an audition for the band following the departure of Stahl. Shiflett told Entertainment Weekly about the audition process.

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"I sat there for what felt like an eternity, but it was probably about 15 minutes, just psyching myself out going 'Oh, f---. They're in there just vibing with whoever's in there that totally just killed it. That guy's for sure getting it,' " Shiflett explained. "And then the door opened and the guy walked out, and I went in there to do my audition and Dave just said, 'Oh my God Chris, you saved us! That guy wouldn't leave.' "

Shiflett has been in the band ever since. Before joining, he was a member of the punk bands No Use for a Name and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. He continued to be a part of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes during his time in Foo Fighters, but is no longer with the band. He's also released music as a solo artist. His newest album, Lost at Sea, will be released in 2023.

As reported by the Santa Barbara Independent, Shiflett and his wife, Cara Shiflett, have three children.

"My kids help keep it real ​— ​at home, I'm just Dad," he told the publication. He said that when he told his youngest son that he was going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he responded, "That's cool! Hey, can you make me some eggs?"

Rami Jaffee, 54

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (10)

Keyboardist Rami Jaffee was born on March 11, 1969, in L.A.

Jaffee was in another popular rock band prior to joining Foo Fighters. From 1989 to 2005, he was the keyboardist for the Wallflowers and was in the band when it won two Grammy Awards in 1998 for the hit "One Headlight."

Jaffee first began performing with Foo Fighters in 2005 after leaving the Wallflowers.

"I was in the Wallflowers from 1989 until kind of recently; that's another tumultuous story," Jaffee told Entertainment Weekly. "Me and Jakob [Dylan, the Wallflowers' frontman], we weren't seeing eye to eye. Once Dave and the [guys] finished the regular touring on In Your Honor around 2004, he called and said, 'Hey, why don't you come and play some keyboards and we'll do an acoustic tour of theaters, sitting down and all that?' "

From then on, Jaffee continued performing with the band and became a full-time member in 2017.

"But as far as becoming an official member, that just literally accidentally fell into place on our last record, Concrete and Gold," the musician continued. "Every time there was a photoshoot in the last 15 years, you'd see me, like, meandering on the side. Dave I guess finally had a meeting with the other guys and said, 'Let's just put him in the damn band already.' "

Jaffee has also worked as a session musician with other artists, including Johnny Cash, Macy Gray, Everclear and Melissa Etheridge. According to an interview with The Malibu Times, Jaffee has a daughter, Tovy, from an 11-year marriage that ended in 2002.

Josh Freese, 50

Foo Fighters: All About the Members of the Iconic Rock Band (11)

Born on Dec. 25, 1972, in Orlando, Florida, session drummer Josh Freese is Foo Fighters' newest drummer. He will be taking the reins following the death of Hawkins.

The band announced the news in May 2023 during their Foo Fighters: Preparing Music For Concerts livestream, which was of a studio session recorded at Studio 606. At the beginning of the video, the band is seen preparing to rehearse, however, they are interrupted by cameos from Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith, Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee and Tool's Danny Carey. Freese, who is wearing a nametag with his first name on it, then interjects and says, "Um, excuse me ... Guys, could we just like, I don't know, play a song? Or two, something."

Freese comes from a strong musical background; his dad was a tuba player and the musical director for the Walt Disney Company, while his mother was a classical pianist. He got his start at a young age, performing in the cover band Polo at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrance. At just 14 years old, he told the Los Angeles Times that he wanted to "become a household name."

He went on to be a successful session and touring drummer, working with the likes of Good Charlotte, Travis Barker, Kelly Clarkson, Sting and Paramore, among others.

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As for his personal life, he and his wife, Nicole, have four children.

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Why were the Foo Fighters important? ›

Over the course of their career, Foo Fighters have won 15 Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album five times, making them among the most successful rock acts in Grammy history.

Will the Foo Fighters replace Taylor Hawkins? ›

And, as many fans anticipated, the band's new drummer is session musician Josh Freese, who played with the Foo Fighters for their Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts in London and Los Angeles last year.

Are the Foo Fighters all original members? ›

After the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, the band's drummer, Dave Grohl, formed Foo Fighters — first as a solo project and then with bandmates. The original lineup consisted of Grohl, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith.

What are Foo Fighters fans called? ›

FooArchive - the ultimate Foo Fighters fansite - online since 1999.

What is a fact about Foo Fighters? ›

With the recordings done and dusted, Grohl decided to name the project Foo Fighters, which is taken from the term for UFOs used by the US military in 1940s. Adding to the UFO theme, Grohl then named his record company 'Roswell', after the site where extraterrestrials are said to have crash-landed in 1947.

What is the story about Foo Fighters? ›

It was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as a one-man project following the dissolution of Nirvana after the suicide of Kurt Cobain. The group got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as "foo fighters".

Who could replace Taylor in Foo Fighters? ›

Congratulations to Josh Freese. It's his 20th anniversary as a Paiste Artist. We are proud and very grateful to have such an extraordinary musician and drummer in the Paiste Family.

Who is taking Taylor Hawkins place in the Foo Fighters? ›

Matt Cameron could therefore become their live drummer in place of the late Taylor Hawkins, the Foo Fighters drummer from 1997 to 2022 who passed away on March 25 last year.

Will Foo Fighters continue with a new drummer? ›

Foo Fighters announced a new drummer following the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins in 2022. The band revealed in a livestream event that Josh Freese, 50, will be behind the drum set on the upcoming tour with members Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett and Rami Jaffee.

Who is Dave Grohl wife? ›

Does Dave Grohl own the Foo Fighters? ›

He is the founder of the rock band Foo Fighters, for which he is the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter. Prior to forming Foo Fighters, he was the drummer of rock band Nirvana from 1990 to 1994. Warren, Ohio, U.S. Washington, D.C.

What is Dave Grohl's net worth? ›

But saving money is one thing Foo Fighters frontman and 18-time Grammy winner Dave Grohl doesn't have to be reminded about. Sure, you might say, it's easy for him to save: He's worth an estimated $320 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but he goes above and beyond.

Are Foo Fighters done? ›

The Foo Fighters will continue as a band following the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins last year, although it will be a “different” group, they have said. In a statement posted on Instagram at the weekend, the rock band called 2022 “the most difficult and tragic year” that they had known.

Why did Dave Grohl leave Nirvana? ›

Nirvana rose to prominence in the early 90's due to the astronomical success of their second album in 1991, Nevermind. Two years later, amongst all the band's success and internal tensions that came along with it, drummer Dave Grohl briefly quit the band.

Are the Foo Fighters millionaires? ›

The band's founder and leader Dave Grohl leads the pack with a massive $320 million fortune.

What was the biggest crowd for the Foo Fighters? ›

Foo Fighters played their biggest ever show tonight (June 6), an 86,000 capacity gig at Wembley Stadium in London.

Were the Foo Fighters at Woodstock? ›

Who played at Woodstock '99? Foo Fighters were originally meant to play the festival, but pulled out as they were working on their third studio album There Is Nothing Left To Lose.

Why did the Foo Fighters almost break up? ›

It also almost broke up the band. “We were making that record, and it just wasn't really happening for whatever reason,” Dave Grohl said. “The recordings weren't what we wanted them to be, the enthusiasm wasn't really there.”

Why did Franz leave Foo Fighters? ›

He was released from the band in 1999, before the recording of their third studio album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose, due to creative differences. Stahl still said his tenure in Foo Fighters was "the best two years of my life".

What was Taylor Hawkins cause of death? ›

Taylor Hawkins was the drummer of alt-rock band Foo Fighters. Over his career, he had also played with Alanis Morissette and his own band. He passed away after suffering sudden cardiac arrest while on tour with his band in March 2022, shortly after his 50th birthday.

Can Foo Fighters go on without Taylor? ›

Foo Fighters have confirmed that they will return and continue as a band, following the tragic death of their longtime drummer, Taylor Hawkins, last March.

What did Matt Cameron say about Taylor Hawkins? ›

Taylor was a dear friend and a next level artist. “I miss him. I have only the deepest love and respect for Taylor, Dave and the Foo Fighters families.

Who is drumming for Foo Fighters Tribute? ›

There's no denying that the case for Rufus Taylor sitting behind the kit for Foo Fighters is a strong one. His performances at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts ranked among the fan favourites, and deservedly so.

Why did Taylor Hawkins join Foo Fighters? ›

The Foos drummer told Radio X about the "perfect day" he got the gig with Dave Grohl's band, and what it had to do with the tacky 90s film Showgirls. Being the drummer in a band fronted by ANOTHER drummer isn't always the easiest gig - just ask Ringo Starr.

How much did Taylor Hawkins make? ›

Taylor Hawkins was an American musician who had a net worth of $40 million dollars at the time of his death in March 2022.

Does Taylor Hawkins have a son? ›

His son Oliver Shane Hawkins paid tribute to his father with the band during a performance of "My Hero" by taking on his father's role as drummer.

Who is Foo Fighters new drummer 2023? ›

Foo Fighters played their first full concert of 2023 last night, featuring new drummer Josh Freese.

Why did Foo Fighters drummer quit? ›

Feeling betrayed and unhappy with Grohl's suggestion that he continue on as the band's touring drummer only, Goldsmith decided to leave. He was replaced by Taylor Hawkins and the finished album, The Colour and the Shape, was released on May 20, 1997.

Who is new Foo drummer? ›

Freese, a veteran musician, appeared with the rock band ahead of its upcoming tour and album release, the first since its drummer, Taylor Hawkins, died last year. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share.

How did Dave Grohl go deaf? ›

In an interview with Howard Sternopens in a new tab or window, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed he has noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), and that he has "had to read lips for like the last 20 years." Prior to playing guitar for the Foo Fighters, Grohl played drums for the Seattle grunge band Nirvana.

Where did Dave Grohl get his money? ›

After Scream was disbanded, Grohl went on to play in the well-known band, Nirvana where he and the other members were wildly successful. With more than 75 million albums sold around the world, this was the beginning of massive earnings for Grohl.

Is Dave Grohl happily married? ›

Some rock stars might be known for their wild behavior, but Dave Grohl seems to be the very definition of a family man. The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer has been with his wife Jordyn Blum for over 20 years. Grohl and Blum got married in a ceremony held at their Los Angeles home on Aug. 2, 2003.

Who sold more Foo Fighters or Nirvana? ›

The Foo Fighters, who are touring Australia, have sold more than 25 million records but before they formed Grohl was the drummer in grunge band, Nirvana. Nirvana ended in 1994 after the death of frontman, Kurt Cobain, but have sold over 75 million records worldwide.

Does Dave Grohl get royalties from Nirvana? ›

Cobain, who wrote the lion's share of the songs, separately collected the largest cut of the publishing income. (Though it has been reported otherwise, Grohl and Novoselic share in publishing royalties on only eleven Nirvana songs - including 12.5 percent each of "Smells Like Teen Spirit.")

What is so special about Dave Grohl? ›

Foo Fighters and Nirvana rockstar Dave Grohl is an undisputed legend. From cooking barbecues for firefighters battling wildfires, to paying huge tips to bar staff, to his "charidee" work, to stopping fights at concerts and gifting his own shoes to fans, the ever-genial Dave is the undisputed Nicest Guy In Rock™.

Who is Dave Grohl's favorite Beatle? ›

I loved every single one of them for different reasons, but I kind of connected to George Harrison's sense of melody more than anyone”. After Harrison's tragic death in 2001, Grohl wrote his own quasi-obituary for the fallen guitarist: “George Harrison was always my favourite Beatle.

Who is Dave Grohl's favorite drummer? ›

Grohl has called Bonham the “greatest” to pick up the sticks multiple times. “John Bonham is the greatest rock drummer of all time,” Grohl said definitively in a piece in Mojo. “Bonham played directly from the heart.

Was Kurt Cobain Dave Grohl's best friend? ›

Losing a close friend under any circumstances is horrific. But when Dave Grohl lost his close friend and bandmate Kurt Cobain in 1994, the grieving process was even more complicated than usual.

Who are Dave Grohl's best Friends? ›

Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl played together in Foo Fighters for 25 years, but their friendship also flourished outside the studio. When the duo first met in the mid-1990s, Grohl was already world famous as the drummer for Nirvana.

Did Jennifer Aniston date David Grohl? ›

Although the two of them have never been romantically involved with each other (as far as we know), they have definitely been more than cordial with each other since their first meeting in 2003.

Who is Jennifer Aniston's best Friends? ›

Fans may know Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, but her Friends co-star and best friend Courteney Cox has a different name for the actress.

What did Dave Grohl say about Taylor Hawkins death? ›

He loved music. He loved playing. He loved the Foo Fighters. Tonight we are honouring his memory.

Will the Foo Fighters ever make music again? ›

At the end of 2022, Dave Grohl addressed the future of the band, confirming that they would be moving forward in creating music together. "FOO FIGHTERS were formed 27 years ago to represent the healing power of music and a continuation of life.

Are Foo Fighters touring 2023? ›

Foo Fighters have expanded their 2023 tour itinerary with six more headlining shows scheduled for later this summer and early fall. Like the three headlining shows the band announced back in February, the new dates are all structured around previously-announced festival appearances.

Why did Kurt Cobain want to quit Nirvana? ›

With punk-influenced music and angst-ridden lyrics, Nirvana led the grunge movement that emerged from Seattle to become a powerful force in early 1990s rock. Cobain said in the interview that he was thinking of moving away from his grunge roots toward acoustic music.

Why won't Foo Fighters play Nirvana songs? ›

Dave Grohl revealed why he would never perform the vocals on a Nirvana track. Speaking in a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, he said: "I wouldn't feel comfortable singing a song that Kurt sang.

How does Dave Grohl feel about Nirvana? ›

In the same interview, Grohl admitted part of his time in the group “was a bummer” but maintained that “it wasn't always a bummer”. He claimed this was the “biggest misconception” about his time with Nirvana. He continued: “There were times when it was so outrageously hilarious and fun.

Why did Foo Fighters make my hero? ›

According to Dave Grohl, the song is dedicated to ordinary, everyday heroes, as he himself never had musical or sports heroes growing up as a child. During Foo Fighters' appearance on VH1 Storytellers in 2009, Grohl explained that the song was written while watching 1980s movies like Valley Girl.

Why is Dave Grohl important? ›

David Eric Grohl (born January 14, 1969) is an American musician. He is the founder of the rock band Foo Fighters, for which he is the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter. Prior to forming Foo Fighters, he was the drummer of rock band Nirvana from 1990 to 1994.

When were Foo Fighters most popular? ›

Foo Fighters boast 11 No. 1s among a record 29 top 10s on Mainstream Rock Airplay and 10 leaders among also a record 28 top 10s on Alternative Airplay. The band first topped Alternative Airplay with “Learn to Fly” in 1999 and first ruled Mainstream Rock Airplay with “Best of You” in 2005.

What is Foo Fighters power? ›

Foo Fighters can manipulate water to some extent, with enough control to create a square mirror out of one third of a cup of water.

Was My Hero by the Foo Fighters about Kurt Cobain? ›

Many people have pointed to 1997's 'My Hero' from Foo Fighters' album The Colour and the Shape as being penned for Cobain, but that idea was quashed in 2008. Republican John McCain used the song as part of his campaign without Grohl's permission, and he revealed the song was actually an ode to the “common man”.

Are any Foo Fighters songs about Nirvana? ›

"Friend of a Friend" was the first acoustic song Dave Grohl had ever written. The song was written by Grohl in 1990 (and recorded in secret the same year), and it was about his first impressions of new Nirvana bandmates Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic.

Who does Dave Grohl think is the best drummer? ›

John Bonham is the greatest rock drummer of all time,” wrote Grohl for a piece in Mojo. “Bonham played directly from the heart. His drumming was by no means perfect, but when he hit a groove it was so deep it was like a heartbeat. He had this manic sense of cacophony, but he also had the ultimate feel.

Why is Dave Grohl considered the best drummer? ›

His drum parts are energetic and creative

Everyone remembers the hits, but deeper cuts like “Stay Away” from Nirvana's 1991 Nevermind album really showcase what he's about. The tone of the drums is fat and beefy (like his idol John Bonham) and Grohl's parts perfectly complement the guitar lines.

What is the Foo Fighters best selling song? ›

"Best of You" remains the band's highest-charting hit on the U.S., UK and Australian singles charts.

How does Foo Fighters heal? ›

Even if a large majority of the plankton dies, only one needs to survive in order for Foo Fighters to be able to regenerate. As long as there is water, the plankton colony can rapidly multiply, creating a new part of Foo Fighters rapidly and giving it great regeneration ability.

Is Foo Fighters an ally? ›

Foo Fighters is also the only ally-character from Part 6 who does not appear on any interactive form on the match (Both Anasui and Ermes are playable characters and Weather Report and Emporio appear in stages).

Are Foo Fighters heavy rock? ›

Not usually associated with the darker side of the rock genre, over the past quarter-of-a-Century the Foos have in fact unleashed a number of songs that are surprisingly heavy; from stoner rock riff juggernauts to caustic, blood-vessel busting hardcore punk numbers to more melodic chart-denting hits with a bruising ...


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