Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (2023)

This post contains spoilers from Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy concluded with Teddy Altman's (Kim Raver) life hanging in the balance.

After complaining of a toothache throughout the episode, the new chief of Grey Sloan Memorial was called in to perform an emergency heart surgery on Sam Sutton (Sam Page) when she suddenly collapsed.

Her husband Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) rushed to help and used a defibrillator to try to save her. Amid the chaos in the OR, Sam went into cardiac arrest on the table and Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) decided to perform the surgery without an attending present while Simone Griffin (Alexis Floyd) jumped in to help him.

Read on to find out more about the season 19 finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (1)

Meredith and Maggie's Return

Dr. Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and his wife (Debbie Allen) made their way to Boston for the Catherine Fox Awards where they would be reunited with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary).

On the private jet to Boston, Amelia told Nick that he made Meredith "really happy" but he responded that she had "a funny way of showing it." Amelia also confronted Winston about his relationship with Maggie. He replied, "I didn't fail Maggie and Maggie didn't fail me. If you think I was the problem, you might be the reason she left."

When the turbulence on the flight increased and they thought the plane might go down, Winston gave Amelia his hand to calm her, despite their disagreement, and Richard, an alcoholic, grabbed his wife's martini before Bailey knocked it out his hand. The plane soon destabilized and they were back on their way to Boston.

Richard later confessed to Amelia about how their experience on the plane made him think about drinking again and she encouraged him to find a meeting with her, but he wanted to wait for Catherine before a vodka tonic was delivered to him.

Nick raced to Meredith's house as soon as he arrived in Boston but to his surprise, a man named Michael (Gilles Marini) answered the door. However, the wait to see Meredith wasn't long when she texted the group to meet her at her new lab where she is doing research. She then tells them, "We have to question everything we know about Alzheimer's if we're going to cure it."

Meredith presented them with her "possible new theory" on Alzheimer's disease. After seeing her findings, Richard told her that it was "huge" but advised her not to share her discovery with anyone else in order to protect her reputation and funding. However, Nick encouraged her to break the rules and let people know she was going against the traditional school of thought, which he later did by telling a donor they were focused on the wrong things in their research.

Meredith then took the stage to make a surprise announcement that the Catherine Fox Award would be going to a non-nominee for a non-surgical project. She presented Bailey with the award for her work in training the next generation of doctors in reproductive care.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (3)

Meredith ended her night by trying to deliver a letter to Nick's hotel room but he stopped her in the hallway. She admitted that she pretended not to hear him say that he loved her before she left for Boston. She shared, "I was tired and scared and overwhelmed. And I know that sounds stupid but I thought what I should do in that moment was to focus on the children so that's what I did… but I miss you."

He responded by telling her that he had met Michael at her house and she revealed that Michael was, in fact, Zola's tutor. While she was surprised to learn that he went to her house, he admitted, "I wasted years of my life trying to avoid pain and I went to your house to say that I never shouldn't have let you walk away and say I want to live a whole life with love and mess and pain with you."

She responded: "Well, okay then" before they shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, Maggie found Winston in the hallway of her hotel and asked him for help in zipping up her dress for the banquet. After exchanging some witty banter, Maggie couldn't resist kissing him and they hooked up.

After the hookup, Winston and Maggie discussed the status of their relationship. He asked, "Is this what we are now, married but apart and having mind-blowing sex whenever we're in the same room when we pull off medical miracles together?"

"Sex and medical miracles are two things we always got right," she responded. He then asked if it was time for them to get divorced. She didn't answer but encouraged him to focus on his career.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (4)

Simone's Wedding Day

After Lucas's declaration of love on last week's episode, Simone went to find him, despite it being her wedding day.

When she found him at Grey Sloan Memorial, she told him that she still planned to tie the knot. She explained, "I can't deny what you feel. I can't deny that we have a connection but Trey does love me and I think what he and I built together deserves this chance and I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to lose you from my life. But, I'm getting married today."

As she made her way down the aisle on the arm of her father, she realized the mistake she was making and decided to call off the wedding. She then ran back to the hospital in her wedding gown to tell Lucas, "I didn't get married." They made their way to the on-call room where they hooked up.

Grey's Anatomy: Lucas Makes a Confession to Simone and Jo Has a New Suitor

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (5)

Their happily ever after didn't last long though, as Trey arrived at the hospital in an ambulance following a car accident. Despite an injury to his arm, Trey realized that Lucas was to blame for Simone leaving him at the altar and punched him in the E.R.

When Trey asked if she had feelings for Lucas, she shared, "I didn't leave for another man. I didn't. I left because I'm not the person I was when we got together after everything that happened. Blowing up my life, moving here. It's just changed me. I'm a different person. I want different things."

Trey insisted it was still about Lucas and replied, "Adams isn't good enough for you. He's a screw-up. He'll never learn because he has a family name to back him up and if you decide to be with him, your whole trajectory changes."

The Love Triangle

Before Sam's emergency surgery, Link's (Chris Carmack) jealousy over Jo (Camilla Luddington)'s budding relationship with him continued to grow and she finally asked him, "Is there something you need to say to me?" He denied his feelings and blamed his concerns on the doctor-patient relationship dynamic.

Jo later found Link outside the hospital and revealed that she thought it was time for him to move out of their shared home because she was ready to "meet someone."

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Finale: Meredith Returns, Bailey Gets Her Due and Teddy's Fate Hangs in the Balance (6)

Sam Page Teases How His Grey's Anatomy Character 'Goes Deeper' in Relationship with Jo Wilson

Link was clearly unhappy by her decision and said, "I've changed my entire life to revolve around you. Us." She responded, "I never asked you to."

After a back and forth over their status as roommates, Link finally admitted his long-standing feelings to her. He said, "I love you and I'm gonna love you forever."

"You unbelievable dummy. I love you too," she responded and they kissed in the rain.

A Love-Hate Relationship

Benson "Blue" Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) went rogue when Jules' elderly roommate, Maxine Anderson (Juliet Mills), who had been at the hospital due to delirium caused by urinary tract infection, coded during the middle of their conversation. He decided to resuscitate despite her DNR order, putting Jules, who was her medical proxy, in the awkward spot of deciding how to proceed with her care.

Jules ultimately decided to move forward with the treatment and Maxine eventually woke up and wanted her breathing tube removed. Blue told her that he was "right" to go against her wishes and "fight" for her.

Despite her improvement, Jules admitted to Blue that she was "enraged" by him and called him out for putting her in an impossible situation by his decision to treat Maxine.

"The worst part is that you saved my favorite person, so now I don't get to just hate you, I have to love you too," she said. When she broke down in tears, he simply offered her a tissue.

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Grey's Anatomy season 19 is now streaming in full on Hulu.


Is Teddy leaving GREY's Anatomy 2023? ›

In announcing Raver's status, Deadline effectively confirmed that Teddy will survive the events of the finale and won't be leaving the show.

Does Bailey come back in season 19? ›

Meantime, Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who had left her job in Season 18 due to stress, returns to reopen her clinic so that she can provide care to patients seeking abortions (she winds up getting doxxed as a result).

Who answered Meredith's door? ›

Nick raced to Meredith's house as soon as he arrived in Boston but to his surprise, a man named Michael (Gilles Marini) answered the door.

Was Teddy pregnant in Grey's? ›

In the Season 15 finale, Teddy gives birth to her and Owen's daughter, whom they both have named Allison, in honor of Teddy's best-friend Allison Brown, who died during 9/11. Having broken up with Tom, Teddy admits her feelings to Owen, who reciprocates.

Why did Teddy Altman leave GREY's anatomy? ›

After heading up the cardiothoracic surgery department in Seasons Six through Eight, Teddy left Grey Sloan due to the devastating loss of her husband, Henry Burton (Scott Foley), who died during surgery.

Is Owen and Teddy leaving Greys anatomy? ›

No, Owen Hunt Actor Kevin McKidd Is Not Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

Does Bailey have another baby? ›

In Season 16, Bailey fires Meredith after she commits insurance fraud to save one of her patients. Shortly after, she is told by Maggie that she is both pregnant with her second child and perimenopausal. In the fall finale of Season 16, Bailey suffers a miscarriage. Bailey also fosters a teenage boy, Joey Phillips.

Did Bailey leave GREY's? ›

Bailey's Leaving Storyline Mirrors 1 Karev Storyline From S16. While the premise was different, as Bailey quit in Grey's Anatomy season 18's ending while Karev was fired, Bailey's storyline still mirrored Alex's leaving storyline in Grey's Anatomy season 16.

What happened to Bailey in GREY's Anatomy season 19? ›

Yet, Bailey's arc in Grey's Anatomy Season 19 seems largely disconnected from her personal life. There is nothing connecting the audience to her story, which now revolves around her running a women's clinic at the hospital.

Who held Meredith's hand at Derek's funeral? ›

It may not have been Sandra Oh, but it was definitely Cristina. “Cristina was there,” McKidd confirms. “I presume Sandra was busy and unavailable for that episode, which was the only reason why [a body double was used]. That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith.

Who is Meredith's secret sister? ›

Maggie Pierce

Who answered Derek's phone when Meredith called? ›

According to Derek, his research fellow Renee (NCIS' Scottie Thompson), who he insists is just his research fellow, answered his phone because he left it in the lab and was already at the airport.

Who gets Teddy pregnant? ›

It's an impending bombshell that will complicate everything for the work-in-progress couple, though when season 15 kicks off on Thursday, Amelia and Owen still aren't aware that Teddy has a bun in the oven and that the baby is Owen's.

Who replaced Teddy on GREY's? ›

History. As Chief of Surgery, Derek was looking for a new Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery as he believed Teddy Altman was still looking to leave the hospital as soon as her contract ended. Tom Evans, a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, spent a day at the hospital on Derek's request and worked together with Cristina.

Who does Amelia end up with? ›

They fall in love with each other and Ryan proposes to her, she accepts and in return gifts Ryan her father's watch, which has much significance because her father lost his life while being robbed because he refused to give up the watch (it was present from Amelia's mother to him and signified their love).

Who is leaving GREY's Anatomy 2023? ›

In a two-episode arc tonight, Grey's Anatomy bid farewell to Maggie Pierce, as Kelly McCreary, who has played Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) half-sister and head of the hospital's cardiothoracic surgery since the end of Season 10, is leaving the long-running medical drama.

Who does Teddy Altman have a baby with? ›

Allison Hunt is the daughter of Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman.

Are Teddy and Owen in season 19? ›

After Grey's Anatomy season 18 ended with Owen and Teddy running away from the law, season 19 reintroduced them to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital – however, their return continues one problematic Grey's Anatomy tradition.

Is Owen Hunt leaving the show? ›

Kevin McKidd has dispelled rumours that he will be leaving Grey's Anatomy, even as he's set to co-lead ITVX's forthcoming crime drama Six Four. The 49-year-old Scottish actor has starred as Dr Owen Hunt in the long-running medical drama since season five (2009).

Do Teddy and Owen finally get together? ›

After many will-they-or-won't-they moments, the two finally tie the knot at the beginning of Season 18.

Does Izzie come back? ›

Izzie's time with cancer was rough, and it took a toll on her relationship with Alex. After she was fired from SGMW, she left Alex. Eventually, she did come back, wanting to reunite with Alex when she found out her cancer was gone. However, he refused, wanting someone who would stay.

Who is the father of April's second baby? ›

Harriet Kepner-Avery is the daughter of April Kepner and Jackson Avery.

What happens to Bailey's son? ›

The upshot was that little Tuck's insides were seriously mashed up. His diaphragm and colon were ruptured, and something bad had happened to his aorta. Bailey was losing her composure and busting into the surgery. Hahn was smacking her down for thinking she could be around while they cut her son open.

How many kids does Bailey end up having? ›

She is married to Ben Warren and has one son, Tuck, with her ex-husband, Tucker Jones.

Why was the residency program Cancelled? ›

In the end, Jamarah described the Grey Sloan Memorial team a dysfunctional family and shared that it was time for a change. That change was the end of the Residency Program at the hospital.

Did Webber leave GREY's anatomy? ›

At the beginning of the show, he is the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital for 12 years. In season 6, he has to resign his position as chief and is briefly replaced by Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

Who is leaving GREY's? ›

Sad news, Grey's fans. We will be saying farewell to another fan favorite after nine seasons on ABC's hit medical drama. Why is Kelly McCreary leaving Grey's Anatomy? We've got all the details, below.

Why did Bailey stop being Chief? ›

The problem was a lot of attendings were leaving. Bailey was fighting a losing battle. With the loss of a patient at in the Grey's Anatomy Season 18 finale, Bailey learned that the Residency Program was closing down. The director of the program board also suggested that a change at the hospital was needed.

Did Bailey have an infection? ›

Bailey, but the real culprit was the surgical gloves. These gloves were defective and had leaks that allowed the staph infection to be passed from Bailey to her patients. Hunt points out that the hospital switched to a new brand of gloves when Pegasus was taking over.

Why didn't Christina go to Derek's funeral? ›

“Cristina was there,” McKidd told TV Line. “I presume Sandra was busy and unavailable for that episode, which was the only reason why [the body double was used].” “That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith,” he continued.

Did Christina come for Derek's funeral? ›

Grey's Anatomy fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Cristina was there for Meredith during the most painful time of her life. Kevin McKidd tells TVLine that Cristina did in fact show up to Dere…

Does Meredith sue the hospital for Derek's death? ›

During Thursday's “The End is the Beginning is the End” episode, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona and Callie learn that they won the lawsuit — and are awarded $15 million each — that will be paid from the pocket of the hospital's insurance company.

How many secret sisters does Meredith have? ›

Yes, another one. New head of cardio Dr. Maggie Pierce (played by new addition Kelly McCreary, formerly of Scandal and Emily Owens, M.D.) is the third half-sister Meredith will have found out about during the run of the show, after Thatcher's daughters Lexie and Molly.

What disorder does Meredith Grey have? ›

Grey's Anatomy fans have speculated before the series could end with the revelation that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has Alzheimer's disease. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.

Who was the little girl with Meredith? ›

Madison Leisle (born June 2, 1999) is an American actress. She is most famous for her recurring role in the television shows, Ghost Whisperer, where she portrayed Julia Miller, and Grey's Anatomy as Lisa the child.

What was Derek's last message to Meredith? ›

In his message, Derek reaffirmed his commitment to Meredith and their kids. “We're gonna do this a lot more when I get home, by the way. You, me, and the family, we're just going to take a day and ride the ferryboat — all day if we want. I love you, Meredith.

Who is Derek's secret nephew? ›

That's right: One of the new interns, Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) is Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)'s nephew.

Who did Derek cheat on Meredith with before he died? ›

In a flashback, we meet Derek's research fellow, Renee (Scottie Thompson). And, as Meredith expected of the Other Woman, she is young and hot and has great hair (and great eyes, incidentally).

Does Yang have a baby? ›

Seasons. Theo Hunt is the son of Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang in one of her imagined futures.

Who does Teddy end up with at the end? ›

Teddy tells Beau, who says he wants Teddy to be happy. In the end, Teddy chooses Beau. She said that she's not saying that Spencer and her will never work out, but then is not the time.

What did Owen do that Teddy can't forgive? ›

He refused to let Hayes leave his sons orphans. At least Teddy had already got out of the car to ensure Leo and Allison would have one parent.

Who replaces Owen as Chief? ›

Owen Hunt quit temporarily as chief in Transplant Wasteland. He was rehired by the next episode. Owen Hunt formally resigned as chief in She's Leaving Home after a tenure of five years. Richard Webber served as chief again, temporarily, and then stepped down when the board appointed Miranda Bailey in Sledgehammer.

Who becomes Chief resident? ›

Every year anesthesiology residencies across the country go through the exciting process of selecting one or more Chief Residents. Unlike surgical residencies, in which usually every senior resident automatically becomes chief, senior anesthesia residents are usually voted into this coveted position.

Who is leaving GREY's Anatomy season 19? ›

Kelly McCreary said goodbye to Grey's Anatomy in Season 19 after her character, Maggie, left Grey Sloan Memorial to take a research position at the Heart Center of Chicago. Her decision to leave Seattle effectively ended her marriage to Dr. Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), but who knows what will happen?

Who does Jo Wilson end up with? ›

He is pronounced brain dead and, wanting something good to come from it, Jo decided to donate his organs for transplant. Jo and Alex have their wedding in "All of Me".

Is Kai Bartley a male or female? ›

Kai Bartley is a non-binary lesbian character from Grey's Anatomy.

What episode do Teddy and Owen leave GREY's anatomy? ›

Danger Zone (Grey's Anatomy)
"Danger Zone"
Grey's Anatomy episode
Episode no.Season 14 Episode 05
Directed byCecilie Mosli
Written byJalysa Conway
9 more rows

Is Teddy coming back to GREY's Anatomy Season 20? ›

Kevin McKidd, who joined the show in Season 5, will return as Owen. And Kim Raver, who first appeared in Season 6 and returned in Season 14 after a five-year break, will be back as Teddy.

Does Koracick leave Grey's? ›

It should be recalled that Koracick had left Grey Sloan to work at the Catherine Fox Foundation, a non-profit set up by Dr. Jackson Avery (Catherine's son) to restore the legacy of the Harper Avery Foundation that was tainted by Harper Avery's multiple sexual harassment accusations.

Do Hunt and Teddy get married? ›

Owen got married, injured, and involved in an illegal plan to help injured soldiers die. Owen Hunt and Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) finally got married in a ceremony officiated by Owen's sister, Megan (Abigail Spencer).

Why did Bailey quit? ›

However, the last straw for her came with the realization that while she might have done whatever she could to save Grey Sloan Memorial, her attendings were stealing drugs to help patients (Owen) or thinking about job offers out of state (Meredith), effectively jeopardizing all her attempts to save Grey Sloan Memorial ...

Does doctor altman come back? ›

Dr. Teddy Altman left at the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 8 but then recurred on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 and returned to regular status on Grey's Anatomy Season 15. After watching her as a regular character again for more than a couple of seasons -- the lingering question is why did they bother bringing her back?

Does Teddy Altman leave? ›

She leaves the show in the 8th season finale after it is revealed that she has been offered a chief position with Army Medical Command, but has turned it down out of loyalty to Dr. Owen Hunt. In order to liberate her from the hospital in which her husband died, Hunt fires her from Seattle Grace.

How many original cast members are still on GREY's anatomy? ›

Along with Meredith/Ellen, the only other O.G. cast members now remaining are Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, and James Pickens Jr., who plays Dr. Richard Webber.

What character is leaving GREY's? ›

Kelly McCreary, who has played beloved doctor Maggie Pierce, the half-sister to Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey, for nine seasons, is departing the hit ABC medical drama. Her farewell episode as a series regular will air April 13. “After nine seasons, I am saying goodbye to Maggie Pierce and her Grey Sloan family.

Who is leaving GREY's Anatomy in 2023? ›

Fans also might be wondering: How will Kelly McCreary be written out of Grey's Anatomy? Deadline reports that McCreary's last episode will air on April 13, 2023.


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