What time can you buy beer on Sundays in Wisconsin? (2023)

The sale of beer in Wisconsin is allowed to begin at 6:00 A. M. on any day of the week, including Sundays. However, the sale of wine and spirits is prohibited on Sundays. In addition, the sale of alcohol on Sundays is subject to certain municipality-specific regulations and laws.

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Are Stallions Allowed To Race

For example, in certain places the sale of alcohol is limited to only certain hours, and in some places, it is not permitted at all before noon. Furthermore, some businesses, such as restaurants and taverns, may have different hours of sale compared to regular liquor stores.

Therefore, it is best to check with your local municipality or business for exact hours of operation for beer on Sundays in Wisconsin.

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How early in the morning can you buy beer in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, the earliest time you can purchase beer each day is 8:00 AM. While this is the earliest time to buy beer, some municipalities or counties may have ordinances to extend the sale of alcoholic beverages to begin at 7:00am.

Additionally, on Sundays you can purchase beer starting at 9:00 AM in most locations. It is important to know that these rules apply to liquor stores and certain pharmacies, however, beer and wine products do not include kegs, liquor, or hard cider.

The sale of intoxicating liquor by the glass is not permitted before 6:00 AM.

What time does Wisconsin start selling alcohol on Sunday?

The state of Wisconsin’s ‘Alcohol Code’ allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages, including on Sunday, between the hours of 7:00 a. m. and 12:00 a. m midnight. The Madison area follows different regulations, however.

In the greater Dane County area—encompassing Madison, Wisconsin—bars, restaurants, and other licensed on-premises retailers are allowed to sell alcohol from 8:00 a. m. until 2:00 a. m. on Sundays and until 1:00 a. m.

on Mondays (LawServer, 2021). In addition, off-premises sales are also allowed, however, such sales are only permitted between the hours of 8:00 a. m. and 9:00 p. m. (7 Days A Week Liquor Store, 2021).

Lastly, cities and counties within Wisconsin have the power to further modify state Alcohol Code regulations; for example, in the City of Madison, it is illegal to sell alcohol later than 12:00 a. m.

(City of Madison Alcohol License & Permit, 2021). Therefore, it is important to confirm alcoholic beverage sales hours for your particular area with local law enforcement, since these regulations may differ slightly from the state’s.

What time does Kwik Trip stop selling beer in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, Kwik Trip typically stops selling beer at 10 pm, unless it is a special holiday such as New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July. If it is one of those holidays, Kwik Trip has the discretion to sell alcohol until 12:30 am on the following day.

However, this is only applicable in certain counties. Further, there are certain cities and towns which might have their own local laws regarding the sale of alcohol, so it is important to check with authorities in the area if there is any uncertainty.

Can you buy beer at a gas station in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can buy beer at a gas station in Wisconsin. The state has a variety of laws governing the sale of alcohol, but one of the most notable is the “three-tier system,” which requires that alcohol be sold through licensed distributors.

This system ensures that the state can collect taxes on the sale of alcohol and that alcohol is only sold by businesses that are regulated by the state. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and one of them is gas stations.

Gas stations are allowed to sell beer as long as they meet certain criteria, such as being located in a wet county and having a valid license from the state.

What is the earliest time you can buy alcohol?

The earliest time you can buy alcohol depends on a few factors, such as the store, the type of alcohol, and the state or local laws. Generally, the earliest time someone can buy alcohol is when the store opens.

States and local governments also have alcohol laws that regulate the sale of alcohol, which can restrict the hours alcohol can be sold. For instance, some states have laws that only allow the sale of alcohol between certain hours, such as between 9 a. m.

and 5 p. m. on certain days. Additionally, some states restrict the sale of certain types of alcohol, such as requiring that only beer and wine can be sold before a certain hour. In addition, some stores may have restrictions in place as to when alcohol can be purchased.

It is important to check with the store and local laws prior to purchasing alcohol to determine the earliest time it can be purchased.

What is bar time Wisconsin?

Bar time in Wisconsin is the last call for alcohol and drinks served. Generally, bar time laws in the state are in place to ensure the alcohol consumption ends no later than 2:00 a. m. and that all bars and restaurants close at the same time.

Bar time regulations differ from county to county, and some areas may have different closing times.

In general, bar time in Wisconsin is seen as an attempt to reduce alcohol-related incidents and encourage responsible drinking habits. Law enforcement and local government officials may impose tighter regulations in areas where alcohol-related problems are particularly prevalent.

For citizens, residents, and visitors to Wisconsin, understanding the laws surrounding bar time is essential. Not only does it restrict when alcohol can be served and consumed, but also what types of alcoholic beverages may be sold in the first place.

Those that plan on visiting restaurants and bars in Wisconsin should be aware of the rules and regulations enacted by state and local governments.

Can you drink at 14 in Wisconsin?

No, you cannot legally drink at 14 in Wisconsin. The legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21. According to Wisconsin Statute 125.07, it states that no person under the age of 21 may purchase or consume any alcoholic beverage.

Additionally, no parent or guardian can provide alcoholic beverages to their minor child or children. Wisconsin also has a few exceptions to this rule, such as minors being able to taste or consume alcohol as part of a religious ceremony, or with the permission of their parent or guardian while they are in their own home.

However, all of these exceptions still require that the minor cannot actually be under the influence of the alcohol. If a minor is found in violation of this law, they can face stiff penalties, including fines and even jail time.

Can you drink in a bar in Wisconsin with your parents?

The laws regarding alcohol consumption in Wisconsin vary depending on whether you are under or over the age of 21. If you are under the age of 21, then the simple answer is “No, you cannot drink in a bar in Wisconsin with your parents.

” The State of Wisconsin prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from entering or loitering in any establishment where alcohol is sold for consumption on the premises or for take out or delivery.

For those over the age of 21, Wisconsin does allow minors, meaning anyone under the age of 18, to enter a bar, tavern, or other premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquor as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

A parent or guardian must remain on the premises with the minor at all times and may not allow the minor to possess or consume any alcohol. The parent or guardian must also be of legal drinking age, or over the age of 21, in order to be allowed in the bar.

Additionally, certain establishments may have additional restrictions in place, meaning the parents and their minor children may not be allowed in their premises at all. It is best to check with the bar before arriving to confirm if they will allow minors and their parents.

What are the alcohol laws in Wisconsin?

The alcohol laws in Wisconsin are set out at the county and municipal level, with the state leaving most of the nuances of the laws up to individual county and city governments. Generally, there is a legal minimum drinking age of 21, and the sale of alcohol is allowed in licensed establishments (though restrictions apply).

Alcohol is prohibited in Wisconsin state parks and on state highways, except in certain instances with permission from the Department of Transportation. Additionally, Wisconsin has a number of “dry” towns and counties, where the sale and/or consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited, though this is a shrinking number.

There are also specific laws and regulations surrounding the sale of alcohol, such as the hours of sale, types of beverages that can be sold, and distances from “sensitive use” locations like schools, churches, and daycares.

Further, certain retail outlets like convenience stores and gas stations may be limited in their ability to sell and dispense alcohol, and must adhere to certain guidelines in doing so.

Finally, Wisconsin also imposes certain criminal penalties for patrons and establishments that violate the state’s alcohol-related laws. For instance, a patron could face criminal charges for installing a keg of beer for consumption in a public location or for supplying a minor with alcohol.

Similarly, establishments who serve alcohol to a minor or engage in other illegal activities could face fines and other penalties.

Can a 20 year old go to a bar and not drink?

Yes, a 20 year old can go to a bar and not drink. Depending on the bar, they may be able to order a ‘mocktail’ or other non-alcoholic beverage, or simply just have a soda or soft drink. In many cases, a 20 year old may have to be accompanied by a 21+ year-old if attending a location that serves alcohol, but it is possible to visit a bar without drinking.

Additionally, different states have different regulations regarding a 20 year olds eligibility to enter bars and pubs.

What is Mexico’s drinking age?

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. This applies to all alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and harder spirits. Recently there have been some proposals to increase the drinking age to 21 in an effort to decrease underage drinking due to its potential health risks.

However, this proposal has not yet been passed.

The regulations for selling alcoholic beverages in Mexico vary by state. In some states, alcohol may only be sold between certain hours, usually from 10:00 a. m. to midnight. In many states, there are restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays and holidays as well.

It is important to note that while the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, there are various laws and customs that could be enforced. For example, in many places it is illegal to consume alcohol in public.

Additionally, establishments may choose to require patrons to be over a certain age in order to be admitted, and there may be limits as to what types of alcoholic beverages are available depending on the region.

Do gas stations sell wine in Wisconsin?

No, gas stations in the state of Wisconsin do not sell wine. State law prohibits gas stations and convenience stores from selling wine. These types of stores can only sell beer and malt beverages. If you would like to purchase wine in Wisconsin, you can buy it at liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants that are authorized to sell wine.

There are also many online wine retailers and delivery services available in the state.

Is Door County WI a dry county?

No, Door County in Wisconsin is not a dry county. Alcoholic beverages are sold in the county, however drinking on public beaches and roads is illegal in the state of Wisconsin. Residents of Wisconsin must be 21 years of age to purchase, possess and consume alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine and liquor.

Wineries are abundant in the area, and many restaurants offer on-premise consumption of these beverages. There are also a few liquor stores and convenience stores, as well as several bars and taverns that serve alcoholic beverages.

What time do gas stations in Wisconsin stop selling beer?

The timeframe in which gas stations in Wisconsin can sell beer varies depending on the location. Specifically, the hours during which alcohol sales are allowed may be limited according to the municipality and county where the store is located.

For example, in some locations, gas station stores may be restricted to only selling beer between the hours of 5am and 12am. In other locations, they may be restricted to 9am to 10pm. Because the hours are determined by local regulations, it is best to check with the specific gas station in question to determine what the exact hours for beer sales are.


What time can you buy beer on Sundays in Wisconsin? ›

On Sundays, you can buy alcohol in Wisconsin as early as 6:00 AM until 2:30 AM in Class B and C retailers. For Wholesalers, the sale can be extended until 9:00 PM.

What time can you buy beer on a Sunday in Wisconsin? ›

Monday thru Sunday, 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

What time can you buy beer Wisconsin? ›

Retail sale of alcohol

State law prohibits retail sale of liquor and wine between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and beer between midnight and 6:00 a.m. State law allows local municipalities to further restrict retail sales of alcohol, or ban the issuance of retail liquor licenses altogether.

What is the latest you can buy beer on Sundays? ›

What times can you buy liquor, wine, or beer in California? The sale of alcohol is allowed between the hours of 6 AM and 2 AM 7 days a week.

Can you buy beer in Wisconsin at gas stations? ›

Supermarkets, liquor stores, and gas stations may sell liquor, wine, and beer. Law changed effective 12/7/2011 to allow all liquor sales to begin at 6 a.m. Nonalcoholic beer is not regulated by state law. Can I drink outside of the bar? Nope.

Can you walk down the street with a beer in Wisconsin? ›

An open container is a traffic violation in Wisconsin. A conviction will result in a fine of up to $100 but no jail time. A person may be arrested for an open container violation but generally must be released (as opposed to being taken to jail) unless other circumstances exist that justify further detention.

Can you drink beer while hunting in Wisconsin? ›

Hunting while intoxicated is illegal – in fact, simply possessing a firearm while under any influence of an intoxicant is a crime in Wisconsin.

Can you buy beer on Sunday OK? ›

Retail beer and retail wine establishments can sell beer and wine (if they are licensed to sell both) from 6 am to 2 am, seven days a week. These licensees do not have any restrictions to be closed on holidays.

Can an 18 year old drink with their parents in California? ›

Underage Drinking: Underage Possession of Alcohol

Possession is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S): private location. OR parent/guardian. OR spouse.

What time can you buy beer in Wake County on Sundays? ›

A permitted outlet may sale alcoholic beverages during the following times: Monday – Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Can passengers drink beer in a car in Wisconsin? ›

May you have alcoholic beverages in your vehicle in Wisconsin? No, you cannot have an opened container on your person in a motor vehicle on a public highway.

What brand of beer is only sold in Wisconsin? ›

Let's take a look at the history, and why the beer is only sold in Wisconsin. The origin story: First released in 1993, Edel Pils and Wisconsin Belgian Red were the original beers of New Glarus Brewing. The brewery didn't start to gain its iconic status until the 1997 launch of Spotted Cow.

Does Walmart have beer in Wisconsin? ›

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Walmart will begin offering customers the chance to order wine and beer online and have it delivered to their car at the store. Customers choose their groceries and adult beverages on Walmart's website or through its app.

Can 18 year olds drink with parents in Wisconsin? ›

Can you drink under 21 with a parent in Wisconsin in 2022? As long as you are with a parent, legal guardian, or spouse that is of legal drinking age, there is no minimum age to drink in Wisconsin. This law applies to drinking at restaurants, bars, and your home.

What was the drinking age in Wisconsin in the 70s? ›

The legal drinking age in Wisconsin has not always been 21. For example, between 1972 and 1984, the legal drinking age was 18. From 1984 until 1986, the legal drinking age was 19, before going up to 21 on Sept. 1, 1986.

What was the drinking age in 1970? ›

Following the repeal of Prohibition, nearly all State laws restricting youth access to alcohol designated 21 as the minimum age for purchasing and consuming alcohol (Mosher 1980). Between 1970 and 1975, however, 29 States lowered the MLDA to age 18, 19, or 20.

Can you drink in a car if you are not driving in Wisconsin? ›

Having an open container in your vehicle that contains an alcoholic beverage is illegal in Wisconsin and may result in a fine of up to $100 for the driver, passenger, or both.

Is it illegal to drink at a park in Wisconsin? ›

Wisconsin law does not prohibit individuals from bringing and consuming alcohol beverages at municipal properties or county-owned buildings and parks.

Can I walk around my neighborhood with a drink? ›

Is it illegal to walk around with an open bottle of alcohol? Most U.S. states prohibit you from having an open bottle of alcohol in a public place, such as on the streets. Open container laws generally also prohibit drivers and passengers from possessing an open container of alcohol inside of a car.

What was the drinking age in 1987? ›

1987: Raised to 21 de jure in 1987, but de facto age was still 18 until 1995 due to a sale loophole.

How many drinks can you serve in an hour? ›

How Many Drinks Can a Bartender Serve in One Hour? If you hire a professional and experienced bartender, they should be able to serve 60-90 drinks in one hour.

Can you drink with your parents in Oklahoma? ›

Underage Drinking: Underage Possession of Alcohol

In Oklahoma, persons under twenty-one may possess with intent to consume low-point beer (defined as beer or malt beverages not more than 3.2 percent ABW) if under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian. Okla. Stat.

What is Canada's drinking age? ›

Legal drinking age versus per capita

Standard drinks per week per person are calculated for each person of legal drinking age in Canada. The legal drinking age is 19 years and older in every province and territory except Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta where it is 18 years and older.

What is the drinking age in Mexico? ›

The legal drinking age is 18. 5. Open alcohol containers in public are illegal in Mexico. You may face a fine or time in jail.

Can a 14 year old drink in California? ›

Except as provided in Section 25667, any person under the age of 21 years who purchases any alcoholic beverage, or any person under the age of 21 years who consumes any alcoholic beverage in any on-sale premises, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Can you buy beer before 12 in NC on Sunday? ›

No. Alcohol is not sold on Sundays in NC. Consumers are able to purchase alcohol between Monday and Saturday during designated hours which must be between 7 AM and 2 AM. All ABC Stores in the state are closed on Sundays.

Can you buy beer on Sunday morning in Michigan? ›

In Michigan, people can purchase alcohol on-premise and off-premise from 7 AM to 2 AM on Monday to Saturday, and from noon to 2 AM on Sunday. What are the hours retailers can sell alcohol? Retailers can sell on-premise and off-premise from 7 AM to 2 AM on Monday to Saturday and from noon to 2 AM on Sunday.

Can I buy beer Sunday morning in Ohio? ›

No, you cannot buy beer anytime on Sunday in Ohio. Based on Ohio Liquor Law, the store should obtain a license to sell on Sundays to sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays.

Can you ride in the bed of a truck in Wisconsin? ›

In Wisconsin, if you are over 16 years old and seated in the box, it is legal to ride in the back of a pickup truck, but it is illegal to ride on the sides, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Can truck drivers drink beer? ›

FMSCA regulations state that a commercial driver cannot have any alcohol within four hours of going on duty or operating a commercial vehicle. “On duty” also isn't just driving; it includes waiting at a loading dock, inspecting or maintaining their truck, loading and unloading, and repairing.

Can you drink and ride in Wisconsin? ›

It is illegal in Wisconsin for a driver over the age of 21 to operate a motor vehicle: With a Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or greater; While under the influence of an intoxicant; With a detectable amount of a restricted controlled substance in his or her blood; or.

What is the most famous beer in Wisconsin? ›

1New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian RedNew Glarus Brewing Company
2New Glarus SerendipityNew Glarus Brewing Company
3New Glarus Raspberry TartNew Glarus Brewing Company
4New Glarus R & D Wild PeachNew Glarus Brewing Company
17 more rows

Why can you only buy spotted cow in Wisconsin? ›

Spotted Cow is described by its makers as a “traditional farmhouse ale, hand-crafted and unfiltered with complex flavors.” The owners say they don't want — or need — to deal with the byzantine tax and distribution systems that come with selling their beer outside their home state.

What is the most common beer in Wisconsin? ›

Wisconsin. Produced by New Glarus, Wisconsin-based New Glarus Brewing Company, Spotted Cow is the most popular beer in the Badger State.

Who sells the most beer in Wisconsin? ›

By submitting your information you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. It's no surprise that beer is big business in Wisconsin, but the range of brands produced in the state might be news to you.

Are there more bars than grocery stores in Wisconsin? ›

Stacked up against the rest of the country, however, the picture is pretty stark. Wisconsin's bars outnumber their grocery stores almost three to one, according to Google data mapped by FlowingData's Nathan Yau.

Can you self checkout with beer at Walmart? ›

Beginning October 18th, 2013, California law will prohibit grocery and liquor store customers from purchasing alcoholic beverages at self-checkout stands.

What time does Walmart sell beer in Wisconsin? ›

Walmart chain stores stop selling alcohol within the time frame prohibited by state laws. They stop selling as early as 5 PM, but in some states, they can sell alcohol for 24 hours.

How late can you buy beer in Dane County? ›

The new law, published on Tuesday, allows Class A license holders to sell beer from 6 a.m to midnight and wine or liquor from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. The old law didn't allow sales to start until 8 a.m.

Can you have an open beer in a car in Wisconsin? ›

May you have alcoholic beverages in your vehicle in Wisconsin? No, you cannot have an opened container on your person in a motor vehicle on a public highway.

Can you order beer at 18 in Wisconsin? ›

According to state law, the Wisconsin drinking age is 21 or older. An "underage person," also known as a minor, is any person under 21. Possession, consumption, purchase, or procurement of alcoholic beverages by an underage person is illegal unless an exception applies.

Can you buy beer at 7am in Michigan? ›

The legal hours for selling or serving alcohol are 7:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M., Monday through Saturday.

How much does 1 beer cost in USA? ›

A beer at a bar in one of the ten most populous states in the US will cost, on average, between $6 and $9 per 500 ml/16 fl oz bottle of beer. In one of the least populous states, the average price is between $5 and $7 for the same beer bottle.

Can you drink in public in Wisconsin? ›

Wisconsin. There is no statewide ban, but public drinking is illegal in most or all districts. However, state law does not prevent you from bringing drinks to city- and county- owned buildings and parks. Local ordinances may provide further restriction, so be sure to check the local laws before cracking that beer.

What states can you walk around with alcohol? ›

Mississippi is the only state that has no penalty for having an open container. In all other states, the penalties can range from fines risible j ail time, to suspension of one's driver's license if the infraction happened while in a vehicle.

Can a 20 year old drink with parents in Wisconsin? ›

Yes. Persons under age 21 may be on licensed premises, if they are with their parents, guardians, or spouses of legal drinking age; but this is at the discretion of the licensee. Sec. 125.07(3), Wis.

Can you drink at midnight on your 21st birthday in Wisconsin? ›

Q: Is it true that 24 hours before your 21st birthday you are able to legally purchase and consume alcohol? A: No, you may not legally drink/purchase alcohol beverages or be on a Class B premises (with certain exceptions) until you are age 21.

Can you buy an ar15 in Wisconsin at 18? ›

Last updated September 15, 2021 . Wisconsin generally prohibits the intentional transfer of any firearm to an individual under age 18. The state also generally prohibits the possession of a firearm by any person under age 18.


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